samedi, décembre 02, 2006

Naked Lunch

Une citation d'un film culte, si vous connaissez pas, vous devriez.

Hank : So you can't rewrite. Because to rewrite is to deceive and lie, and you betray your own thoughts. To rethink the flow and the rhythm and the tumbling out of the words is a betrayal. It's a sin, Mart. It's a sin.

Martin : I don't accept your catholic interpretation of my compulsive necessity to rewrite every single word at least a hundred times. Guilt...Thanks. Guilt is the key not sin. Guilt re : not writing the best that i can. Guilt re : not considering every thing from every possible angle. Balancing everything.

Hank : How about guilt re : censoring your best thoughts ? Your most honest, primitve real thoughts ? That's what your laborious rewriting amounts to, Martin.

Martin ( to Lee ): Is rewriting really censorship, Bill ? Because i'm completely fucked if it is.

Lee : Exterminate all rational thought. That is the conclusion i have come to.

Martin ( to Hank ): What is the man talking about ? I'm being serious !

Hank : So is he.

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